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Our equipment answers a wide variety of specifications and printing requirements. All of our domed labels are self adhesive and adhere well to plastic, glass, metal, powder coat and wood. The dome labels can be used on Computer Hardware, Bathroom Fittings, Appliances Cell, Phones Refeigerator, Machinery, Car, Trucks, Helmets, Furniture, Kitchenware etc; Superior Quality PU Coating / Resin Domed Badges and Labels are the perfect solutions for enhancement of the products and are offered as per client's requirements.

The thick clear polyurethane coating makes the label more durable and appealing. The 3D appearance makes the label more visible and enhances the design and text printed on it.We are equipped with the latest imported Label Printing & Dome Label Machines, resulting into volume labels of ULTRA quality, Express delivery, and Low cost benefit. We can produce big or small quantity of labels at the same quality standard.
Key Features Of PU Coated Dome Sticker Labels
  • Self Adhesive
  • Thick Clear Polyurethane Coating 
  • More Durable
  • The PU is UV resistant preventing the Labels from Yellowing or Discoloring and Cracking
  • Eye-catching 3D appearance
  • Can be made on Metal or Vinyl
The polyurethane is UV resistant preventing the labels from yellowing or discolouring and cracking. Dome labels is resistant to chemical, solvents and from scratches. The dome sticker labels can be used on cell phones, computers, refrigerator handles, for brand nameplates
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PU Coating Lables
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